Cheeky Hair & Nail Parlour – Shoreditch

A quick blow in the East End…

Ahhh Cheeky Parlour.  Such a great idea.  A place I can nip to and get my hair and nails done, with some food and refreshments.  I was really excited to visit the Parlour, I’d read some great reviews, however let me be honest, I was left underwhelmed.  I’ll start with the positives.  The Parlour is beautiful and the little shop is a great place to become immersed in the Cheeky range of products.  Our therapists were lovely, although we were left in the shop to chose our colour and abandoned having to ask somewhere where to go next.  The toilets, had these cute chalkboards that you could write messages on (see below.)  We had a lovely glass of fizz with our treatments and by the looks of it, the food is worth a try.

photo 2 (28)

I suppose the only negative for me was that the finished result wasn’t great.  Now I’ll be the first to admit my standards are high, having been a beautician but I don’t think that is a bad thing.  My nails dried with tiny air bubbles in, which in my opinion probably came from polish that had been shaken – a no no.  I went out for dinner, and when I arrived home two nails had chipped.  By the end of the next day they all had.  Luckily you get given the bottle of polish so I could touch up but not ideal.

I may have just had a bad experience there, and although it has put me off going there again I wouldn’t rule it out, but that is more down to the fact that it is convenient.  Maybe next time I can try an up do.  I’ve also got my eyes on the brunch menu…the way to a girls heart is through her stomach right?

The Parlour is located here:

1st Floor,
64-66 Redchurch Street,
London, E2 7DP

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