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My postcode around my wrist…

I never thought I’d become a Londonite, is that a word? If not lets make it one.  But I am.  I am that annoying person who lives in a bubble, and doesn’t do anything that’s outside of London.  Enough public shaming there, my reason for my post today is that I’ve found a bracelet I actually like!  The girls over at Whistle & Bango have created these fabulous bracelets each with a London postcode on them.  My favourite is the E1 version, mainly because that’s my playground and they don’t do a N4 version (hint hint ladies!)  If the picture below doesn’t make you want one, then how about the fact that they donate a percentage of their sales to The Charity for Homeless and Vulnerable People in London.  Nice work.

They are £60 from the website:


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  1. November 11, 2015 at 1:35 pm

    Love this post! E1 is definitely one of our favourite areas to hang out in. :) We can also now make any postcode you want with our bespoke service! N4 can of course be yours :) Please feel free to use the code bangle20 for a 20% discount for you and your readers :D


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