Wednesday Wish List | September Skincare Needs

Welcome Wednesday Wish List Lovelies! 

Wednesday again, and with this weather just not wanting to make up it’s mind my skin is also feeling the same.  It’s clear one minute and congested the next.  So what better time to do a skincare wish list.

1. Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Spot Treatment – £15 


I adore Kiehl’s, I’m yet to use a product I haven’t loved.  So with my ever changing skin at the moment this seems to be the perfect product to have in my arsenal.  It’s marketed as a male product however I feel if this was used just on affected areas it would be suitable for women.  It needs to be used with care as it can cause dryness so don’t go squeezing the whole tube over your face in the hope you’ll never get another spot.

2. Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum – £59


 This is by no means a new product on the market, but I’ve never owned a Chanel skincare product.  Anyway despite my current skin concerns, dehydration is always an issue for me (despite my more than adequate water intake) and this gorgeous serum has made my wish list.  I have read mixed reviews about this, but it seems that the fragrance is beautiful.  Maybe I’ll pop to my nearest counter and get some samples before investing.

House of Fraser have it online:,default,pd.html

3. LYS London – Purifying & Balancing Facial serum – £30


LYS London will always have a place in my heart as it’s such an honest brand.  It’s no nonsense, with a wealth of industry experience in the form of its founder Lorraine and this product is the proof in the pudding so to speak.  I’ve put it on my wish list as I’ve run out and I NEED to replace it.  It’s great for those times when your skin is just being troublesome.  I regret not having it in vast supply.  It combats oiliness and blemishes – what more could you ask?

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – £28


Technically we can debate if a primer is skincare or make up.  But in my opinion your primer has to be considered skincare as it’s directly on your skin and so its quality is important (all quality is important in my opinion but a cheaper foundation can be used if a quality primer is your base.)  I adore Smashbox and love their products so I’m excited to try this primer.  I suffer with enlarged pores, particularity around my nose and I swear by oil free products.  I’m reaching for my foundation daily at the moment due to breakouts so it’s more important than ever to use a quality primer.

5.  The Body Shop – Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover – £8


I wear a lot of mascara…a lot.  I also have really sensitive eyes – not the best combination.  I usually only use the Garnier eye make up remover but I’ve been struggling to find it in shops so may try something new (I get like this sometimes and try things out only to return to my tried and tested!) I love the inclusion of Chamomile in this product and the fact that it’s fragrance and colour-free.  Let’s just hope it’s tough enough to remove my make up!

September is flying out the window, but I hope your enjoyed my Wednesday Wish List.  Thank you for reading.

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